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Toms down again report test results the best processor for gaming edition January 2011. Not surprisingly, the Core i7 series processors Intel Core i5 2600 and 2500 occupied the top position. This time there was no AMD processors in the highest position.
Line 2 is only occupied by a series of Core i 3 digits and the remaining 1 processors AMD Phenom X4 II BE 975.
Core i7 processors I5 2600 and 2500 in the category "the best processors for gaming Toms January 2011 edition.

Below is the highest ranking of all processors in the market with the highest test results.

Senin, 03 Januari 2011


After falling in love with the iPad, you chucked your laptop out the window and swore that your life had changed forever. But it wasn't long before your laptop started following you around, was it? Little by little you began to leave your iPad behind. You wished that you were using it more. You wished that it was just as magical as you hoped it would be. The truth is that you really needed a keyboard. Not all the time, mind you, but enough so that your hastily composed emails signed with "- Sent from my iPad" wouldn't be read like "- Sent from my divan, where servants are hand-feeding me grapes as I lounge and browse the Interwebs.

t's ok. You're not the only one. The good news is that your love affair with the iPad doesn't have to end! The iPad Bluetooth Keyboard Case will make you fall in love with your iPad all over again.

In use, the iPad rests on a built in stand in a horizontal orientation which makes the whole package look and work almost like a netbook. The keyboard itself has a silicone cover that will resist the occasional caffeinated spillage of your choice and provides noticeable tactile feedback. In other words, you'll feel like you are typing again instead of tapping. The case is made of soft synthetic leather and closes with a magnetic clasp. It feels good when you're carrying it around, but it isn't so hefty that you notice it. In fact, loaded up with an iPad the whole weighs just 2.75lbs, which is less than the new 13" MacBook Air.

The keyboard comes with all the function keys you'd expect with an iPad: Home, Volume, Search, and iPod Controls. Tap the Home button once and you're looking at your apps. Tap the Home button twice and you bring up a mini iPod control. Without leaving the current app, you can fire up songs on the active playlist with a touch of the Play button. You can also Pause or skip forward/backward through the active playlist. The Search button puts everything on your iPad at your fingertips.

Bullet Headline

  • Charges over USB. Cable INCLUDED
  • Attractive black synthetic leather iPad case with magnetic flap in includes fully integrated Bluetooth keyboard
  • Fast and easy 3 step setup
  • iPad and case together weigh 2.75lbs, that less than the new 13" MacBook Air! (2.9lbs)
  • iPad function keys include: Home, Volume, iPod Controls, and Search
  • Fully charged lithium ion battery lasts for 90 hours of continuous use
  • Bluetooth V2.0 compatible with iOS 3.2 and up. (iPads run 3.2 till sometime this fall)

Sabtu, 27 November 2010


PLAYERS: You know that amazing feeling you get when you roll a crit? The sight of the "20" on your die blasts straight up into the pleasure center of your brain and you feel like a million astral diamonds. (Except when you roll a crit for initiative. That's just lame. Especially if you're the cleric.) Then you get to roll an obscene amount of dice and tally up the damage to that formerly badass mindflayer and narrate how your blade sliced right through his ugly purple head. Imagine all of that, but your d20 flashes red to let everyone at the table know just how awesome you are. Show off your amazing luck every time your d20 glows.

GMs: For starters, we'll let you know that we did our very best to ensure the Critical Hit LED d20 Die is weighted as evenly as possible considering the electronics inside. We did this because we're gamers and we really wanted to use them in our Thursday D&D game. Of course, you are the boss, so it's up to you whether to allow it at your table. We will say that with the appropriate mood lighting in your gaming room, the Critical Hit LED d20 Die will gently illuminate your face with an evil red glow when you roll a crit behind the screen. Since every GM has a wee bit of sadist inside, we knew you'd love that.

Product Features

  • Twenty-sided die flashes red when you roll a 20
  • Not a cheater die! Weighted evenly so you have to earn those 20s
  • Players: It is up to your GM whether you can use it in your game
  • GMs: The red glow makes you look even more evil behind the screen
  • Dimensions: approximately 1.5" in diameter
  • Batteries included

Senin, 25 Oktober 2010


Tame the Beast of HD Pictures with this magic device!

You know you have always wanted to be a wizard. But not one of those swish and flick wizards from the movies. You want to be the Dungeons & Dragons wizard - the party's controller. See that word there? CONTROLLER. It means you control the battlefield; you control everything! Sure, you're squishy and sometimes there's collateral damage when you let out a blast, but it's all in a day's work. As a wizard, you have a choice in implements, but everyone knows The Wand is the ultimate when you want to be an elite controller.

Teach it

Our Wand may not make legions of kobold minions explode into flames, but it will learn up to 13 commands from your existing remote controls and map them to particular magical motions. Flick the wand from side to side to flip the channels, twist the wand to turn up the volume. A beam of light will shoot out the unicorn tail hair and magic will happen! The Wand can learn from any remotes in your house and once you master its 13 movements, you can mastermind a symphony of electronic enjoyment from the comfort of your couch. Then, and only then, are you an epic level controller.

Product Specifications

  • Magic wand television remote for witches, wizards, and the occasional muggle
  • 13 magical functions (the number one would expect in magic!)
  • Learns from your existing remotes
  • With a little practice, you can train yourself to do magic with household electronics
  • Flip the channel with a flick of your wand, twist your wand to turn up the volume
  • Compatible with almost all makes of TV, DVR, or really anything with a remote!
  • Buttons are sooooooooooooooo out, wands are in. Trust us.

Selasa, 19 Oktober 2010


If you're a member of the IT crowd, it's sometimes hard to explain to your management why you need things. Especially if they're the type of people who think the internet is a black box with a red LED on top or people who believe that if you type "Google" into Google you'll break the internet. Try explaining to them that every time you need a patch cable that you have to dig through the giant box of everything cable-shaped for an eternity before finding the right one. To them, all cables are the same.

So here's what you're going to say... ready? "Hey, last time I had to find a patch cable, it cost you $50 worth of my time. Buy me one of these and I'll never have to waste that time again." They don't need to know that the Universal Network Cable adapter allows you to change wiring standard with just a click. They won't care about going from straight through to crossover. Their eyes will glaze over when you mention Cisco or T1 or DDS. Just tell them that the Universal Network Cable is THE essential tool for the IT crowd, and that you'll save them tons of wasted man/grrl hours a year. (Don't tell them that you'll spend those newly-found hours playing World of Warcraft. Bad idea.)

  • Provides 5 cable types in one connector
  • Just rotate the center to the cable you need
  • Cable options:
    • ROLLED: Connect a host to a Cisco router or switch
    • CROSSOVER: Communicate directly between computers without a hub or switch
    • STRAIGHT-THROUGH: Use as a standard RJ45 patch cable
    • ATM/LOOPBACK: Test if a network card is working by checking for link lights with no need for a hub or switch
    • T1: Connect to DDS lines / T1 trunk lines

Selasa, 28 September 2010


Spies and rebels have always been cool but here's a little device that brings them both together. This classic, flip-open lighter is also a secret video camera and flash drive. Sure, we've had lighters like this before but this is the first that's capable of recording quality video (up to 1280x960). It also comes with 4GB of ample storage.

The camera is located on the bottom of the lighter. To record video, push the on-off button. A small blue light will come on while the camera initializes. When the light turns red, you're ready to record. Just push the button a second time. The indicator light will go off after the first five seconds in order to save battery power. To retrieve recorded video, just connect the included USB cable to your computer. You can also overlay the date-time on your videos by saving a simple text file to the device. Remember, it's also a flash drive too. When connected it should mount just like any other flash drive. The lighter case has a smooth, brushed metallic surface and an adjustable flame.

  • Classic flip-open, metallic lighter that's also a secret video camera
  • 4GB of storage
  • Overlay custom date and time on your videos
  • Includes USB sync/charging cable and drivers
  • Supports Windows (XP, Vista, and up), Mac (10.4+), and Linux
  • Records video in AVI with 4:3 aspect ratio and M-JPEG encoding
  • Resolutions supported: 640x480 (basic) and 1280x960 (plus)
  • Audio sample rate: 24kHz
  • Built-in high-capacity lithium polymer battery
  • Standard wall charger included (Input 110-240V AC, Output 5.0V DC)
  • It's a functional lighter but does not ship with lighter fluid. You'll need to supply your own.

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